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Hiding virtual keyboard on BB10

I’m working on my MusicGear multiplatform application and I can say it’s challenging to make it look and behave equally good on all my target platforms, when targetting mobile devices there’s a lot of things you need to take care of if you want to have a good user experience, one simple thing is hide the virtual keyboard when you don’t need it, another thing is being able to handle enter or return key to confirm actions and I will cover that in a different post. In this post I will write about hiding the virtual keyboard on BB10.

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This post should be written in spanish, but as there’s some code and the whole site is in english. There’s a radio show called “La Corneta”, I love it and you should listen to it, it’s really funny, anyway, my boss does not allow me to listen to radio while I’m working, but I really like that show, so I had a problem, fortunately the solution is pretty easy, create an application that records the show, that way I can listen to it when I go home, I can even write a daemon that automatically download and store the audio.